8 March 2015

Pattern Project / February 2015

Happy March! Spring has arrived and I couldn't be happier, it's my favourite time of year. In all the excitement I almost forgot that it's time for my round-up of February patterns! All of these are available as prints and on products in my Society6 shop.

1 February 2015

Simply Be Real / Fashion Mishaps

Towards the end of last year I did these four illustrations for the #SimplyBeReal campaign, depicting fashion mishaps by style bloggers. All the bloggers I got to draw are amazing, check out their blogs here: Gemma, Becky, Carlyn and Hayley.

31 January 2015

Pattern Project / January 2015

After posting a weekly French Friday illustration in 2012/2013 and a weekly Fashion Friday illustration in 2014, my project for 2015 is to post a pattern every Friday. Here is my round-up of the first five from January! They're all available as prints and on a range of products in my Society6 shop.

11 January 2015

Fashion Fridays / December 2014

Oh my, I almost forgot to post my Fashion Fridays round-up for December! So here are the last four illustrations I did for my 2014 weekly project. This year I am posting a new pattern every week. You can see the new pattern every Friday on my Facebook page and also in my Society6 shop, where they will be available on a variety of products.

10 January 2015

Good Magazine / Cover Illustration

Happy New Year! If it's winter where you are, I hope you are keeping warm with cozy jumpers. Towards the end of last year I got draw this cat in a jumper for the December issue of Good Magazine. Now all I really want is a jumper with camels on for myself!

24 December 2014

Merry Christmas 2014

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Wishing all of you the coziest, most wonderful Christmas ever. Thank you for following my work this year & for the lovely comments that make my day when I'm working away at my little desk. Here's a festive cat and a couple of mice for you! 

3 December 2014

Fashion Fridays / November 2014

This is my round-up of November's Fashion Friday illustrations! November has been one of my favourite month of outfits, I'd love to wear all of these. Which one is your favourite? Can't believe this weekly project is coming to an end soon but I've already begun working on next year's weekly project, so stay tuned!

4 November 2014

Fashion Fridays / October 2014

Here are all my Fashion Friday illustrations from the month of October. Only two more months of the year left, it's time to think up new weekly project for 2015! In the meantime something exciting is happening with all my Fashion Friday ladies, you will find out soon...

13 October 2014

Spindle Magazine / Eliza And The Bear

Here's a little illustration I draw for an interview with the band Eliza And The Bear in Spindle Magazine. You can read it online here.

6 October 2014

Fashion Fridays / September 2014

These are my Fashion Friday illustrations from September, I hope you like them!